1st Jan         Briars Grove, Chepstow Park, Cockshoots Wood, Great Barnetts Wood, Kites Bushes, Long Orchard

                     The Orles, Itton Common

9th Jan        Hale Wood, The Wenallt, Ravensnest, Cae-yr-Uchain

Tuesday 16th January       The Wenallt, Ravensnest, Cae-yr-Uchain

Saturday 20th January      Wern-y-Cwm, Coed-y-Fermer, Coed-y-Duke, Cae Pwtto

Saturday 27th January      Cae-yr-Uchain, Crumbland, The Wenallt, Ravensnest, Wern-y-Cwm

30th Jan     Cuhere, Wentwood (East)


6th Feb       Chepstow Park,  Briars Grove, Halewood, Coetgau, The Orles, Itton Common, Llwyn-y-Celin


10th Feb    Cuhere, Wentwood (East)

20th Feb    Briars Grove, Chepstow Park, Halewood, Coetgau, Great BArnetts Wood, Kites, Bushes,  Long Orchard

                  Coppice Mawr

27th Feb    Chepstow Park, Halewood, Coetgau, Wern-y-Cwm, The Wenallt, Ravensnest, Fedw Wood


6th March   Cuhere, Wentwood (East)

10th March    Llwyn-y-Celin, Gillbrooks, Coetgau, Halewood, Itton Common, The Orles, Coppice Mawr

                        Long Orchard, Great Barnetts Wood